LifeIcon Health Edit

Increases your total number of hit points

OrderIcon Armor Edit

Reduces the amount of damage you take from physical damage sources

  • Armor: 16 (16+0) | Physical Reduction: 13%

ValorIcon Magic Resistance Edit

Reduces the amount of damage you take from magical damage sources

  • Magic Resistance: 33 (33+0) | Magical Reduction: 24%

OppressionIcon Power Edit

Increases the effectiveness of your abilities and the damage of your basic attacks

  • 0.2/1 damage (depending on shaper) per point of Power

DecayIcon Defense Penetration Edit

Causes any damage you deal to be unaffected by a portion of your target's Armor and Magic Resistance

  • Flat Defense Penetration: 12
  • Percentage Defense Penetration: 0%

ChaosIcon Mastery Edit

Gives basic attacks a chance to critically strike and causes abilities to overload, redealing a percentage of their damage

  • Critical Strike Chance: 0%
    • All shapers gain a 1% chance to critically strike per point of Mastery
  • Spell Overload Damage: 0%
    • All shapers' spells gain 0.5% damage from overloading per point of Mastery

VoracityIcon Lifedrain Edit

Causes you to be healed for a percentage of the damage you deal (reduced effect for multi-target and periodic damage)

  • Lifedrain Percentage: 0%

FateIcon Haste Edit

Increases basic attack speed, reduces the cooldown of abilities, and increases movement speed

  • Current Haste: 0
  • Bonus Attack Speed: 0
    • gain 1 Attack Speed  (depending on shaper) per point of Haste
  • Cooldown Reduction: 0%
    • abilities cool down 0.2/0.6% faster (depending on shaper) per point of Haste
  • Bonus Movement Speed: 0
    • all shapers gain 0.38 movement speed per point of Haste

MomentumIcon Movement Speed Edit

How far a shaper will travel over the duration of one second

  • Current Movement Speed: 385 (385+0)
    • gain 0.38 movement speed per point of Haste