For lore on Renzo, see Resonance Part I and II.

InspiringStrike RenzosEmbrace KineticScupture Masterpiece
Vitality Form
Role Support
Archetype Melee, Physical
Affiliation The South
Age 45
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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The Virtuosos of the south are artistic trend-setters and cultural leaders, and the sculptor Renzo has long been among the most famed and influential. His connection to the Spirit of Form enables him to create ever more elaborate works... not that his unruly pupil, Zeri, is impressed.
Renzo is a melee, physical damage support that excels in exposing enemies to his allies. Renzo’s support style fits best in the lane, with a playstyle and ability order differing greatly depending on Renzo’s lane partner. Renzo’s single-target guaranteed stun is an extremely potent ability, allowing for easy follow-ups from lane partners in the early game and potential catches in the mid to late game. In teamfights Renzo truly shines, his natural toughness allowing him to wade into groups to damage, disrupt and build Inspiration at a greatly accelerated rate. Knowing when to use Inspiration offensively or defensively can often save allies, sentence enemies to death, and win games.
Ability Name Ability Description

Inspiration Shaper
Fists of Inspiration

Renzo uses his Inspiration to empower his abilities. Renzo's Basic Attacks grant him Armor and generate Inspiration when used against enemy Shapers.

Inspiring Strike

Slams an enemy with a giant hammer, damaging them and generating Inspiration.

Renzo's Embrace

Shields target ally from damage while simultaneously increasing their Armor. Heals the target if Renzo is fully Inspired when casting.

Kinetic Sculpture

Fires a stone at an enemy, damaging and stunning them. Reduces their armor if Renzo is fully Inspired when casting.


Creates a pool of mud, slowing all enemies inside. After a brief delay, a marvelous statue of Renzo bursts forth damaging and knocking up all targets hit.