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Vitality Pursuit
Role Ranged
Archetype Ranged, Physical
Affiliation The East
Age 18
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
Recommended StarIconStarIconStarIcon
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Damage StarIconStarIconStarIcon
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Mobile StarIcon
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Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range 95
Armor 16
Damage Reduction 13%
Magic Resist 33
Magic Reduction 24%
Power 18
Attack Damage (per Power) 1
Attack Speed (per Haste) 1
Cooldown (per Haste) 0.2%
Movement Speed 385
Nissa was the High Huntress of the Stonebloom tribe until she bonded with the Spirit of Pursuit. The people of the east venerate the Spirits as untouchable, and her Vitality powers left her an outcast. She wanders with her companion Tal’ah, helping where she can, but always moving on.
Nissa is a ranged Carry who excels in the early phases of the game. Nissa’s high combat mobility and guaranteed harass can often afford her several early kills and propel her strongly into late game. Actively utilizing her Passive can further strengthen her early game by giving her a vision advantage on any ganking opponents. Late game, mobility becomes a key factor to Nissa’s success allowing her to outrange and run circles around her opponents.
Ability Name Ability Description

Focus Shaper
Animal Companion

Nissa uses Focus to cast her abilities. Her pet Tal'ah will jump off and hide in bushes Nissa passes through, granting vision of the area.

Branching Blade

Throw a specialty Birraga that deals damage, then splits and hits two more targets behind the first.

The Chase

Passively increases Haste. Activate to massively increase Movement Speed for a short duration that can be extended by attacking enemies.

Wing Clip

Throw a Birraga that spins in place, damaging and slowing enemies.

Final Fight

Nissa throws her relic Birraga, dealing massive damage to all enemies it passes through both as it flies out and as it returns.