For lore on Marah, see Bardo Part I and II.
The way forward isn’t always clear. Watch the sky with me.

Snapdragon TreeofLife Bramblecrush ForceofNature
Vitality Growth
Role Carry Bruiser
Archetype Melee, Physical
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Age 28
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Damage StarIcon
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Base Stats
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Strong and quiet, like all folk of the holy woods, Marah was always attuned to the passing seasons and animal migrations. Bonding with the Spirit of Growth left her overwhelmed - able to see life swarming in a drop of water, and feel every leaf shiver in the forest.
Marah is a melee physical damage bruiser with a commanding presence on the battlefield. Her safe clearing and brutal ganks make her a proficient jungler, but her ability to control space makes her remarkably effective in the lane, as well. Her gameplay revolves around planting trees to create zones of relative safety, then using her wall of brambles to repel advancing enemies; however, if an enemy strays too close, she can go on the offensive in the blink of an eye, pouncing on intruders and cutting off their escape. Marah’s ultimate allows her to transition into a late-game juggernaut, wading into the thick of battle and breaking the enemy’s ranks, but because her maneuverability drops substantially after she commits to a fight, she must choose her battles carefully; if she pushes too deep and her enemies scatter too quickly, she’s likely to get focused down before she can retreat.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper
Circle of Life

Marah can use her abilities freely. Whenever a nearby enemy dies, they leave behind a Seed of Life that Marah can collect to permanently increase her maximum Health.


Marah throws a vine that pulls her to the first enemy or Tree of Life it grabs. If it hits an enemy, she roots and damages them; if it hits a Tree of Life, Snapdragon's cooldown is refreshed.

Tree of Life

Marah plants a long-lasting tree that grants Lifedrain and Attack Speed while she is near it.


Create a wall of brambles, damaging enemies they grow over. The brambles linger, slowing enemies that pass through them.

Force of Nature

Marah gains increased maximum Health and attack range for several seconds, and her attacks against shapers periodically deal bonus damage, heal her, and stun the target.