For lore on King of Masks, see Refraction.
Genius! Are you not entertained?
ShaperIconKing of MasksShaperIcon
King of Masks

Captivate Flourish EndlessDelights Finale
Vitality Madness
Role Control Mage
Archetype Ranged, Magic
Affiliation The South
Age 30
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Damage StarIconStarIcon
Disabler StarIconStarIcon
Mobile StarIconStarIcon
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Initiator StarIconStarIcon
Base Stats
Health 450 (+67 Per Level)
Attack Damage 54 (+2.8 Per Level
Attack Range 550
Armor 15 (+3.1 Per Level)
Damage Reduction 15%
Magic Resist 33 (+0 Per Level)
Magic Reduction 25%
Attack Damage (per Power) 0.2
Attack Speed (per Haste) 0.2
Cooldown (per Haste) 0.6
Movement Speed 380
Illusionist and master thespian, the King performed to crowded squares and the delight of children everywhere. But woe! The Virtuosos of the south resented his consummate skill and unbridled popularity. Our hero was unfairly banished to the wastes... but the Spirit of Madness offered him a chance for justice!
The King of Masks is a ranged, magical damage control mage that focuses on crowd control, slipperiness and area denial. The King of Masks performs best in a lane role, denying his opponent’s lane positioning and aggression through clever use of his abilities. The King of Masks uniquely excels at controlling his enemy, particularly in the mid-game; Area denial abilities mixed with situational and exclusive crowd control allows the King to be both versatile and powerful in many situations. In the late game, the King provides an intimidating presence for the enemy team to engage into while easily following up on his allies’ aggression with his game-changing ultimate.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper

The King of Masks may use his abilities freely.


Spawns a group of Tentacles that travel to target location and deal magical damage to nearby enemies. Roots when Flourished.


Dashes a short distance and empowers King of Masks' next Captivate or Endless Delights. If an enemy witnesses the empowered cast, King of Masks may dash again.

Endless Delights

Throws a sac of eggs to target location that deal magical damage in area if an enemy steps on them. Fears when Flourished.


Tosses the King's cage to target location, dealing magical damage and pulling in all targets in an area.