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Vitality Protection
Role Tank
Archetype Melee, Physical
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Age 30
Cost Waypoints Destiny1 685 Waypoints/1800 Destiny
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Disabler StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Mobile StarIconStarIconStarIcon
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Initiator StarIconStarIconStarIcon
Base Stats
Attack Damage
Attack Range 95
Armor 20
Damage Reduction 16%
Magic Resist 33
Magic Reduction 24%
Power 18
Attack Damage (per Power) 0.8%
Attack Speed (per Haste) 0.5
Cooldown (per Haste) 0.6%
Movement Speed 385
The folk of the holy woods are simple shepherds, tending their flocks and ignoring the world beyond the fields they know. By his own reckoning, Kel is neither wise nor valiant, but the Spirit of Protection clearly felt him a kindred soul.
Kel is a melee Tank with high mobility, heavy crowd control and powerful initiate abilities. Kel excels early game in the jungle, capitalizing on his high mobility for ganks, or in the lane utilizing his crowd control to protect his allies and lock up his enemies. Kel’s Ultimate is an extremely potent single target disable and allows Kel to initiate teamfights from great distance. Keeping a close eye on the safety his allies and the positions of his most lethal enemies will ensure that Kel is always at the right place at the right time.
Ability Name Ability Description

Pure Shaper

Kel is not limited by a resource and may cast his abilities freely. Whenever Kel is struck by an enemy, the cooldown of his skills are reduced by a small amount.

Sheep Toss

Roll a sheep across the battlefield, damaging enemies along the way. Recast to dash to the sheep, also damaging enemies along the way.

Battle Cry!

Blow a deafening whistle, damaging and slowing all enemies in an arc.

Crook Sweep

Brandish your crook, damaging all nearby enemies and launching them airborne.

Titanic Charge

Charge at an enemy, damaging and stunning them. Enemies you charge through are also damaged and launched airborne.





Dev Playtest - 6 25 13 - Kel

Dev Playtest - 6 25 13 - Kel